Students in any school or college of the University may minor in Women’s Studies. After enrolling with the program advisor, a student must file a Declaration of Minor form with her/his school or college; upon finishing the minor, s/he must also file a Minor Completion Form.

The Women’s Studies minor is comprised of five courses, including a minimum of three upper-division courses. Three courses are required: either WMST 1110 (1110H) OR WMST 2010 (2010H), WMST 3010 OR WMST 3110, and WMST 4010. Students will select their remaining courses (6 hours) from the same list approved as upper level electives at the 3000-5000 level. Appropriate substitutions may be petitioned. A grade of "C" or better in each course is required. No more than two courses may be taken with the same instructor. With the exception of WMST courses, no more than two courses may have the same prefix. No more than two courses may be transferred from another institution.

*Download the Application for the Minor in Women's Studies

For more information about the Women's Studies minor please contact the Women's Studies Advisor and Assistant Director at or call 706-542-2846.

To schedule an advising appointment with the Women's Studies Advisor, please email Cecilia Herles at