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Course Options for Graduate Certificate

WMST & Cross-listed Electives

WMST(AFAM) 6060: Black Feminism
WMST 6070: North American Asian Feminisms
WMST 6100: Queer Theories
WMST 6120: Sex, Politics, Science & Reproduction
WMST 6130: Transnational Perspectives on Women and Gender
WMST 6140: French Feminisms

WMST 6170S: Environment, Gender, Race, and Class
WMST 6250: Special Topics in Women's Studies
WMST 6260: Women and Music
WMST(MUSI) 6310: Gender and Music Video
WMST(LACS) 6500: Latina Studies

WMST 6690: History of Sexuality
WMST 7060: Black Women’s Narratives
WMST 7070: Feminist Ethnography
WMST 7950: Directed Research in Women's Studies
WMST 8010: Women and the Construction of Knowledge
WMST 8030: Transnational Gender Studies

WMST(JRMC) 8070: Media Culture and Diversity
WMST 8100: LGBTQ Studies

WMST(LLOD) 8180: Feminist Pedagogy
WMST 8250: Special Topics Seminar in Women’s Studies

WMST(SOCI) 8290: Seminar Global Perspectives on Gender
WMST(EDEC) 8400: Feminist Perspective in Elementary Education


Qualified non-WMST Electives

AFAM(THEA) 6490: African American Women in Cinema
AFAM(PSYC) 6500: Psychology of Prejudice
AFAM 6860: Afro-Hispanic Identity when topic is “Women of the Hispanic Caribbean” or “Caribbean Women Write Back”
ARHI 6940: Gender Issues and Art History
COMM 6370: Women in US Public Discourse
COMM 8360: Feminist Theory & Criticism
EDUC 8190: Introduction to Social Justice Frameworks: Foundations in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
EFND 7100: Gender and Education 
ENGL 6600: Issues in Feminist Theory & Criticism
ENGL 6840: Folklore Studies when topic is “Women in Folklore”
ENGL 6850: Topics in  Multicultural Literature when topic is “Multicultural American Feminism”
ENGL 8590: Seminar in the 19th Century Literature when topic is “Jane Austen, the Brontes, and Virginia Woolf”
ETAP(QUAL) 8565:  Theoretical Frameworks for Doctoral Studies in the Human Sciences

FILM 6600: Women and Film
GEOG 6680: Gender and Geography
GEOG 8680: Seminar: Feminist Geography 
HIST 8027: U.S. Women, Politics & History

HIST 8710: Colloquium on Gender in History  
LEGL 6500: Employment Law 
LING (CMLT) 6870: Language, Gender and Culture
LLED 8065: Queer Theories in/as Education
LLED 8310: Race, Class, & Gender in Literature for Young People LLOD 8140: Equity and Inclusion in Organizations

MUSI 6250: Women and Music 
PHIL 6700: Philosophy and Race
PORT 8010 (ROML 8000): Topics in Luso-Brazilian Literature and Culture when topic is “Contemporary Luso-Afro-Brazilian Women Writers”

PSYC 6600: Psychology of Women 
RELI 6104: Sex and Marriage in Christian Theology

RELI 6105: Women in Christian History
RELI 6106: Women in Early Christian Lit. 

RELI 6108: Christian Feminist Theology
SOCI 6280: Sociology of Gender
SOCI 8200: Seminar in Sociological Theory and Research when topic is "Social Psychology in Gender" or “Interaction and Inequality”
SOCI 8280: Seminar in Gender Stratification
SOCI 8840: Gender, Crime, and Justice
SPAN 8500: Issues of Gender, Race, and Class

THEA 6280: Women in Performance
THEA 6300: Queer Theatre and Film

* Other qualified electives may be announced on a semester-by-semester basis. In addition, students may petition for inclusion of courses not on this list by completing the Petition for Transferred Coursework. It is expected that petitioned courses will have a significant focus on gender, sexuality, intersectionality, and/or feminist theory.

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