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"White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack"
Text by Peggy Macintosh

"What Should White People Do?"
by Linda Martín Alcoff, Hypatia, Volume 13, Number 3. Explores three approaches toward engaging white people in a proactive antiracist stance that amounts "to more than self-criticism."


Deconstructing Whiteness
A selected bibliography

Teaching about whiteness
by Gregory Jay, English Department, University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee. Why teach about whiteness? Approaches to whiteness, questions to ask: Exercises, Activities, Projects, Inquiries.

The Center for the Study of White American Culture
The Center for the Study of White American Culture (the Center) supports cultural exploration and self-discovery among white Americans. It encourages a dialogue among all racial and cultural groups concerning the role of white American culture in the larger American society. The Center operates on the premise that knowledge of one's own racial background and culture is essential when learning how to relate to people of other racial and cultural groups. We believe the task of building genuine and authentic relationships across racial and cultural lines is crucial to the future well-being of America.

Whiteness Studies and the Paradox of Particularity
Article by Robyn Wiegman regarding the social construction of race

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