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2013 - The Arts

2013 Women and Girls in Georgia Conference
Zell B. Miller Learning Center
Saturday, October 19, 2013


Saturday, October 19, 2013
Check-In & Coffee/Juice

Morning Concurrent Sessions (A)

A1. Art as Resistance and Expression in the Work of Alice Walker

“Alice Walker and the Task of the Revolutionary Artist”
Carolyn M. Jones Medine, University of Georgia

“Momma Was Always Right: and the consequences of figuring
that out too late”
Jessica A. Couch, University of Georgia

“In Search of our Mothers’ Knowledge: Alice Walker and Subversive Epistemologies”
Katherine Daley-Bailey, University of Georgia

Session Chair: Juanita Johnson-Bailey, University of Georgia


A2. Women and Girls Finding Voice and Speaking Out

“The Millennial Girl”
Talk Girl Effect Club, Northview High School, Fulton County

“Codes of Conduct”
Louise Carrie Wales, Savannah College of Art and Design

Session Chair: Susan Richmond, Georgia State University


A3. WORKSHOP: The Red Summer Experience

Facilitated by Red Summer

In a society where the necessary dialogues around racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia are often silenced, The Red Summer Experience uses poetry to encourage students to move from the position of spectators to participants in the discussions of power, privilege and oppression.

Session Chair: Lauren Chambers, University of Georgia


A4. GRITS: Women Shaping Georgia's Artistic Landscape

“The Three Marys of Savannah”
Christine Neal, Savannah College of Art and Design

“Lillian Smith: Artist-Activist”
Cindy Blair, University of Georgia

“Living Their Own Truth: Female Singers in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame”
Stephanie Tingler, University of Georgia

Session Chair: Wanda Wilcox, University of Georgia


Morning Concurrent Sessions (B)

B1. The Multimedia Acts and Arts of Women's Healing

“Craft, Art, and Healing: Introduction”
Sujata Iyengar, University of Georgia

“Dancing at the Edge of the Storm: A Healing Journey through Art”
Sharon McCoy, University of Georgia

“The Art of Baking as Healing Meditation”
Nicole J. Camastra, University of Georgia

“Reclaiming: Rediscovering Identity in Chaos”
Melanie D. Childers, Atlanta, Georgia

Session Chair: Sujata Iyengar, University of Georgia


B2. WORKSHOP: Mathematics: Women Completing the Equation in Hip-Hop

Facilitated by YaNi 

By the end of this workshop, participants will have a better understanding of how women shaped, change and continue to control the movements of hip hop. Participants will learn the 9 elements of hip-hop and how women are key figures in each element. Participants will try their hand at writing lyrics, dissecting well known lyrics and even play a game or two to show who is the “best emcee” of the group.

Session Chair: Daleah Goodwin, University of Georgia


B3. Rooted in Research: Framing and Questioning

“Evoking Rhizomatic Multimodal Data Through Collective
Aesthetic Biography”
Jaye Thiel, University of Georgia and Brooke Hofsess, Appalachian State University

“Real Girls and Ideal Girls: Summer Reading Lists and Gender Messages”
Seretha Williams, Georgia Regents University

“Understanding Identities of Young Girls in Two Cultural Worlds: Children’s Arts as Discursive Practices”
Keon-Ryeong Park, University of Georgia

“Zines as Teaching, Healing, and Sharing”
Katy Batsel, University of Georgia

Session Chair: Juanita Johnson-Bailey, University of Georgia


B4. Performances

Lori Teague, Emory University

“Warrior Woman Pantoum”
Anna Leo, Emory University

“Brazen Bodies Dancing”
Crystal L. Faison and Jessica Gaines

Session Chair: Freda Scott Giles, University of Georgia


Keynote: Jillian Hernandez

Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies and Critical Gender Studies, University of California - San Diego, and creator of the Women on the Rise! program at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami

"Critical Excesses: Women Artists and Girls of Color Crafting Sexual Bodies"

Welcome by: Juanita Johnson-Bailey, University of Georgia



Photography exhibit with artist's talk and walk-through featuring the work of Anya Wallace; Exhibits include "Sugar and Spice", "The Patterson Girls", and "Who You Callin' a Girl Scout"

(Artist's talk is optional for conference attendees)

Afternoon Concurrent Sessions (C)

C1. Politics, Disruption, and Cooptation in Performance

“Annie Sprinkle’s Anatomy of a Pin-Up: Breaking Binaries and
Reversing Concepts”
Alexandra Jones, Savannah College of Art and Design

“’In the morning I am all I ever wanted to be’ – Race, Gender, Class, Sexuality and Nation in the Poetry of Staceyann Chin”
Kristyl D. Tift, University of Georgia

“Why did Whitney ‘Go to the Rock’? Music and Civil War Memory in Georgia”
Elizabeth Whittenburg Ozment, University of Georgia

Session Chair: Daleah Goodwin, University of Georgia


C2. WORKSHOP: How to Make a Feminist Zine

Facilitated by Katy Batsel, University of Georgia and Missy Kulik, local artist and zinester, and creator of Flagpole Magazine's Tofu Baby

Workshop participants will learn what are feminist zines, why we make zines, and the role zines play in feminist communities. Participants will each create one page as part of a whole zine created by the group.

Session Chair: Chris Cuomo, University of Georgia


C3. Foundational Theories of the Self and Expression

“Woman, Dancer, Self: Ballet as Transcendence”
Julia Jones, University of Georgia

“Occupy Spaces: Other and Laughing About It”
Faith Barton, The College of William and Mary

Session Chair: Cecilia Herles, University of Georgia


C4. WORKSHOP: Where Are You From?

Poetry workshop facilitated by Theresa Davis

This workshop is designed to illustrate to participants how we as people are more alike than we are different. “Where I’m From” poems will be shared and the participants will be asked to share some memories and experiences.

Session Chair: Wanda Wilcox, University of Georgia

ROUNDTABLE (plenary): Sustaining What Sustains Us: The Feminist Patronage and Support of the Arts

Sara Beresford, EcoFocus Film Initiative and Ciné Board of Directors
Ann Woodruff Conley, Canopy Studios
Lisa Cesnik Ferguson, Rose of Athens Theatre
Tiffany Porter, Weird Sisters Theatre Project
Beth Sale, ATHICA
Lizzie Zucker Saltz, ATHICA

Moderated by: Wanda Wilcox, University of Georgia

Music by Erin Lovett of Four Eyes (Athens, GA)

Light refreshments will be served

Sponsored by the Athens Music Project

The WAGG Conference is made possible through the Women & Girls in Georgia Fund. You can contribute to the Fund online at http://www.external

Thank you to our Co-Sponsors:

Always Baked, Barberito's, Big City Bread, The Georgia Review, Jason's Deli, Sweet Pepper's Deli, Theatre and Film Studies Dept. and Zoe's Kitchen

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