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2010 - Politics

2010 Women and Girls in Georgia Conference
Paul D. Coverdell Center
Saturday, October 2, 2010

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Saturday October 2, 2010

8:45am - 9:30am
Registration and Welcome

9:30 - 10:45am
Three Concurrent Sessions:

Gender Roles, Political Culture, and Social Movements:

"Promoting Music in Northeast Georgia During the Progressive Era: The Athens Woman's Club 1896-1920"
Stephanie Tingler,
University of Georgia

"And the Women of Georgia Ought to Do It: Helen Dortch Longstreet and the Conservation Battle for Tallulah Falls"
Anna King,
Clayton State University

"Representing the Political: The Newtown Florist Club Writing Collective"
Ellen Kohl,
University of Georgia

Session Chair: Cecilia Herles, University of Georgia


Women as Policy Makers

Screening of "The Life and Legacy of Jeannette Rankin: Her Passion for Peace," a lecture delivered by Dr. Joan Hoff (University of Montana, History) with an introduction and commentary from Reita Rivers, co-founder of the Jeannette Rankin Foundation
JRF130 Committee, Jeannette Rankin Foundation

Session Chair: Juanita Johnson-Bailey, University of Georgia


Political Policy and Identity

"Sugar and Spice: Exploring Elements of Black Girlhood, Book 4; 'Who You Callin' a Girl Scout?'"
Anya Wallace, Girls Scouts of America

"Islamic Veiling in the US: National Security Versus Religious Freedom" Sara Martin, Clayton State University

"What Am I Doing Here? Korean Women's Identity Crisis in Southeastern Georgia"
Sun-A Lee, Georgia Southern University, and C. Allen Lynn,
University of Georgia

Session Chair: Jenna Andrews, University of Georgia



Keynote Event:
Speaking from Experience: Women Shaping Georgia Politics

Panel discussion featuring Jane Kidd, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Georgia, Georganna Sinkfield, State Representative of the 60th House District and candidate for Secretary of State, Amy Morton, Chairwoman of Georgia's WIN List, Stacey Abrams, State Representative of the 84th House District, and Bobbie Paul, Executive Director of Georgia WAND

Moderated by Jill Severn, University of Georgia
Introduction by Chris Cuomo, University of Georgia




Screening of the UGA Russell Library's Oral History Interview with Lorena Weeks and "Trailblazer for Women's Equality" Award Ceremony
Juanita Johnson-Bailey, University of Georgia
Wanda Wilcox, University of Georgia



Three Concurrent Sessions:

Georgia's WIN List Workshop

Session Chair: Elizabeth Whittenburg Ozment, University of Georgia



"Bound to Come Undone: The Queer Disability Memoir and Resisting Normativity in Narrative'"
Melanie Janus, George Washington University

"Mammy vs. Conscious Black Woman"
Juanita Johnson-Bailey, University of Georgia

"Incompatible Values: My Mother and the State Judicial System"
Amariah Love, Georgia State University

Session Chair: Doris Kadish, University of Georgia


Transnational Georgia: Feminist Perspectives

"Mapping Gender and Culture on the University of Georgia Campus"
Alicia Corts, University of Georgia

"Food Networks from the Perspective of a Community Garden"
Anne Portman, University of Georgia

"Anti-Choice Propoganda and the Politics of Place"
Brooke Schuenman, University of Georgia

"Transnational Communities Addressing Basic Health Needs"
Tess Varner, University of Georgia

Session Chair: Chris Cuomo, University of Georgia


Three Concurrent Sessions:

Gender and Justice

"Renegotiating Justice: The Politics of Oppression and Gendered Pathways to Crime"
Zipporah Gerson, University of Georgia

"Alcohol-Facilitated Rape in Georgia"
E.R. Mouilso and K.S. Calhoun, University of Georgia

"Playmaking for Girls"
Synchronicity Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia

Session Chair: Cecilia Herles, University of Georgia

Reproductive Justice/Freedom/Policy

"Race and Class: The Relationship Between Pregnancy Rates, Outcomes, and Abortion Laws in the State of Georgia"
Stacy Gorman, Georgia State University

"Girl Power and Mandates: Strategeis Utilized by Merck & Co. to Market and Distribute GARDISIL"
Malika Redmond, Georgia State University

"Reproductive Justice within the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act"
Aubrey Denmon, University of Georgia

Session Chair: Kelly Happe, University of Georgia

Gender Studies - In the Classroom and Beyond

"Critical Performative Literacy in a Middle School ESOL Classroom: Latina Girls Speak Out for Undocumented Latino Communities"
Kinga Varga-Dobai and Ruth Harman, University of Georgia, and Kelli Bivins and Michelle Osorio, Coile Middle School

"Politics of the Body: A Feminist Body Pedagogy in Teacher Education"
Stephanie Jones, University of Georgia and Hilary Hughes, University of Georgia

"Creating a Major in Gender and Women's Studies: Challenges and Solutions"
R. Ugena Whitlock, Stacy Keltner, and Amy Buddie, Kennesaw State University

"Woman at Work: The Story of Jane Eyre Criticism"
Jacqueline Stocker, University of Georgia

Session Chair: Lauren Chambers, University of Georgia

Closing Reception

The WAGG Conference is made possible through the Women & Girls in Georgia Fund. You can contribute to the Fund online at

Thank you to this year’s cosponsors:

Ike & Jane, The National, Mama's Boy

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