Miller Learning Center, rooms 213, 250, 268, 348
Special Information:
FREE, open to the public
Student Symposium

21st Annual Women’s Studies Student Research Symposium

“Feminist Research Across the Disciplines”


1:25 – 2:15 p.m.  (50-minute Concurrent Sessions)


Title:  “Constructions of Bodies: Scientific and Feminist Perspectives of Agency”              

Location -MLC Room 268

Chair: Taylor Houston, Graduate-Sociology, University of Georgia

“Natural Birth as Resistance: Reclamation of Agency in the Face of Patriarchal Medicine”

- Samantha Pinson Wrisley, Undergraduate-Women’s Studies and Psychology, University of Georgia


“Considering Lesbian Body Image”

-Samantha VanHorn, Graduate-Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Emory University


“Globalizing the Genome: A Feminist Scientist’s Critique on the Modern Modes and Cultural Ideologies of Genomic Studies”

- Jaimie Richards, Undergraduate alumni- Biology and Women’s Studies, University of Georgia



Title: “Towards Inclusive Feminisms: Rejecting Essentialist Boundaries”   

Location- MLC Room 250

Chair: Danielle Berke, Graduate- Psychology, University of Georgia


“Tyranny of the Binary: On Intersex Individuals and Liberation”

-Sarah Colclough, Undergraduate alumni -Philosophy and English, University of Georgia


“Constructing Essential Natures: Spinoza and the Intersectional Body”

-Aaron Newman, Undergraduate- Women’s Studies and Philosophy, University of Georgia


“Dismantling Transphobia of Transwomen in Feminism and Women-Only Spaces”

- Lauren Pruitt, Undergraduate-Women’s Studies and Religion, University of Georgia


Title: “Dress, Zines and Art: Feminist Reinterpreting Cultural Artifacts as Forms of Empowerment”    

Location-MLC Room 348

Chair: Daleah Goodwin, Graduate- History, University of Georgia


"Androgyny Then & Now: Women Seeking Different Freedoms Through Dress"

- Jaleesa Reed, Graduate- Textiles, Merchandising, and Interiors, University of Georgia


“The Use of Text and the Periodical in Dutch Feminist Movements”

- Katy Batsel, Undergraduate-Women’s Studies and Sociology, University of Georgia


“Challenging Those Who Paint with Pricks: The Vagina and Phallus in Feminist Art”

- Stephanie Anne Shelton, Graduate-Language and Literacy Education, University of Georgia


2:30 – 3:20 p.m.  (50-minute Concurrent Sessions)


Title: “Mientras, ellos siguen libres 2007 (Meanwhile, they are free): Performance for Liberation and Visibility”                               

Location- MLC Room 268

Chair: Jamie Palmer, Graduate-Sociology, University of Georgia


“Regina Jose Galindo: Performing to Reclaim Women’s Voices”

- Leda Lozier, Graduate- Latin American Literature, University of Georgia


“Challenging or Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes? Lessons from the Visibilization of Women through Development in the Andean Highlands”

- Kristin VanderMolen, Graduate-Anthropology, University of Georgia


“Las Yeguas del Apocalipsis and their ‘Conquest of America’: Revealing the Amonument in the Counter-Production of Memory”

-Rachel L. Combs, Graduate-Hispanic Studies, University of Georgia


Title:  “Can Pop Culture be Feminist? Examining Anime, TV and Hip-Hop”                                               

Location -MLC Room 250

Chair: Elizabeth Whittenburn-Osment, Graduate- Music, University of Georgia


“Sailor Moon: The Politics of Girl Power and Femininity”

- Minh Nguyen, Undergraduate -Linguistics, University of Georgia


“The Role of Evolving Queer Media Representations on Normalizing Queerness”

- Mary Lee Cunill, Graduate- Interpersonal and Health Communication, University of Georgia


“Feminism in Hip-Hop: Reimagining Images of Black Women in Hip-Hop”

- Shayla Robinson, Undergraduate-Women’s Studies and Art History, University of Georgia


Title: “Literary Space of Her Own”

Location- MLC Room 213

Chair: Lynn Whittaker, Graduate-English, University of Georgia


“ ‘Good Girls Go Bad’: Feminism and John Gregory’s A Father’s Legacy to His Daughters”

-Jack Butts, Undergraduate-English, University of Georgia


“The Creation of Space for Women: A Reading of Virginia Woolf’s The Years”

-Holly Fling, Graduate-English, University of Georgia


“The Women of Richard III Revisited”

-Maggie Touchton, Undergraduate-English, University of Georgia


3:30 – 4:40 p.m.  (70-minute Concurrent Sessions)


Title:  “Margins and Power: (Re)examining Space and Knowledge”                                      

Location-MLC Room 250

Chair: Cecilia Herles, Institute for Women’s Studies, University of Georgia


“Race in the Writing Center: Dismantling Power Structures in the University”

-Savannah Downing, Undergraduate- Women’s Studies and English, University of Georgia


“Epistemological Pride and Prejudice”

- Adreanna Nattiel, Undergraduate- Women’s Studies and English, University of Georgia


“Get Used to It: The Competing Rhetorics and LGBTWQIA+Movements”

-Robert Boggs, Undergraduate- Women’s Studies and Communication Studies, University of Georgia


“What to do with a Women’s Studies Major”

- Cecilia Herles, Assistant Director, Institute for Women’s Studies, University of Georgia


Title: “Negotiating Tensions in Traditions: Art, Spirituality, Marriage and Consumption”         

Location- MLC Room 268

Chair: Aubrey Denmon, Graduate- Sociology, University of Georgia


“Pansori: Traditional Performance Becomes Feminist Art”
- Jieun Lee, Graduate- Theatre and Film Studies, University of Georgia


“From East to West: Understanding Simone de Beauvoir’s views on Gendered Oppression through Theravada Buddhist Philosophy”

-Stephanie Romero, Undergraduate-Anthropology, University of Georgia


“Ritual, Rebellion, and the Reclamation of Marriage in the United States”
-Fiona E. Bell, Undergraduate –Cellular Biology and French, University of Georgia


“Cultural Take-Out: Answering Questions Leftover from the Critique of Cultural Appropriation”
- Vincent Li, Undergraduate – Philosophy, University of Georgia               


Title: “Feminist Scholarship-Activism: A Rhizomatic Respond to a Neoliberal Dichotomy”             

Location-MLC Room 348                                                                                                                               

Chair: Laura Davis, Graduate-History, University of Georgia

-Rouhollah Aghasaleh, Graduate-Educational Theory and Practice, Nancy Moore, Graduate-Health Promotion and Behavior, Cindy Blair, Graduate-Educational Theory and Practice, Mary Lee Cunill, Graduate-Communication Studies, Elif Karsli, Graduation-Educational Theory and Practice, Elizabeth Pittard, Graduate- Educational Theory and Practice, Shakhnoza Kayumova, Graduate-Educational Theory and Practice, Marsha Francis, Graduate-Graduate- Educational Theory and Practice


(PDF of schedule)


Women’s Studies Student Symposium 2014 Committee:

Daleah Goodwin, Elizabeth Whittenburg Ozment, Jamie Palmer, Aubrey Denmon, Savannah Downing, Lauren Bridgers, Katy Batsel, Cecilia Herles